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September 15, 2012

Post-CELTA Confessions

In the previous post, I analysed the time a CELTA student would need to devote to the course. What is or is supposed to be taught in this course, then? Let’s take a deeper look at the syllabus.

First, what is the purpose of CELTA? Its aim is pretty straightforward: to acquire knowledge & skills, and learn to apply them when you get thrown into the jungle.

Mindmap Aims of CELTA

The syllabus can be broken down into five topics:

CELTA Syllabus overview

These 5 topics can be broken down further into various categories. I’ve mindmapped each of the five.

CELTA Syllabus Topic 1

CELTA Syllabus Topic 2

CELTA Syllabus Topic 3


CELTA Syllabus Topic 4


CELTA Syllabus Topic 5

Of course, each of the subtopics has its own aims, but that’s for another post.

For more detailed topic descriptions, visit the Cambridge website.

Mindmaps were prepared using Text2Mindmap and Resources were discovered here.

If you have any comments with respect to the…

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